Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is quite popular and is located between the airport and Reykjavik.  Due to that factor, many tourists stop at the famous Blue Lagoon upon arrival before heading to the capital city.  At the bus stop outside the Blue Lagoon, there are lockers where suitcases can be stored while you enjoy the thermal waters, and pick them back up before taking the bus to Reykjavik.  We didn’t want the hassle of dealing with the suitcases, so took the transport from the airport to our apartment. We had reservations to visit the Blue Lagoon on a different day.

The day we were set to visit the Blue Lagoon was cold with a light snow.  Never ones to shy away from an adventure just because of weather, we boarded the bus bundled up in coats and carrying umbrellas.  An umbrella in Iceland is worthless.  The wind quickly blows them inside out and since it’s windy a lot, it truly is an exercise in futility.  Cathy and I laughed that we ruined both of our umbrellas after being in Iceland about 22 seconds on the first day. We kept laughing every time we saw someone else with an umbrella, which invariably was ruined before our very eyes.

We enjoyed the main area of the lagoon and we had also elected to make reservations for the Retreat Lagoon.  It has it’s own indoor area, private dressing rooms, and exclusive heated water areas to enjoy.  Our reservation included up to four hours which we included  massages and lunch.  As part of the fun, we decided to enjoy a very unique in-water massage.


The in-water treatments are not to be missed!  We had a 60 minute massage in the water then wrapped in a cocoon and set free to float within an enclosed area where the water was warm.  Every once in awhile a staff member would come over and gently push me down, slightly submerging me, so the warm water flowed over the top of me. And then as if it wasn’t perfect enough, it started to lightly snow.  With my eyes covered by an eye mask, I could feel the snow flakes hitting my face, floating in the warm water. It was an amazing experience that I would do again in a heartbeat.


We had read that the on-site Lava Restaurant was spectacular, and it did not disappoint, especially getting to go eat in our bathrobes!  The restaurant was full of patrons in plush terrycloth robes, which was hilarious.  I met a group of guys who were on a pre-wedding bachelor trip.

lava restaurant lunch champagne


Once we were relaxed and well-fed we concluded our visit with one final dip in the main Lagoon, laughing that we were all in swimsuits and our life guard was bundled up in winter-wear.

life guard in jackets


While commercialized, the Blue Lagoon is a unique experience and adventure not to be missed.

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