Dining in Brasov – Yum!

We like fine dining so I did a lot of research on Brasov restaurants. Every meal we had in Brasov was great. While they may not be Michelin *, they are definitely worth the visit.

Our first lunch was at Cafe Hirscher. It’s kind of a weird decor with tropical inside, but the service was great and we enjoyed our lunch. They also had non-alcoholic drinks other than soda, which we enjoyed the virgin Mojito.

I chose mushroom soup, while Bob went for tomato soup as starters. I really wanted some pasta so I had the linguine with truffles, while Bob ordered mushroom risotto. We enjoyed all of our dishes but decided not to keep our dinner reservation a few nights later. Mostly it was the environment that made our decision.

Our first dinner was at the Belvedere Hotel Restaurant.


We ate dinner at Prato twice – that’s how much we enjoyed the ambience, service and food. It’s a fairly large restaurant and we were lucky to have been given relatively quiet tables both times. As it got busier, the service did drop off on both nights but overall we enjoyed our dinner.

The avocado tartare which included avocado, tomatoes, garlic basil and a parsley pesto was so good that we had it both nights we ate at Prato. Bob also selected the fruitti di mare, and then we both ate pasta. I had spinach ravioli and Bob tried the ravioli with burrata and orange peel. He didn’t love his pasta, but I sure loved mine!

Overall, our meals in Brasov were outstanding. We would happily return to any of the three restaurants.

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