There are a few elements of the Salt restaurant that I love – fresh juice pairings concocted and made in house, fresh herbs collected often by Chef Toth himself, the service…..

And then there’s the food, which should be at the top of the list, but for me sadly, it is not.

As we sat down at the table, I was first confused as to why we were being sitted at a communal table instead of a regular 2-top like the other customers. For most of the dinner, no one else was seated but when the other seats were filled, it was great discomfort for all as it clearly was not a communal dinner that anyone had made a reservation for.

As we receive our sealed menus, it is suggested to leave them unsealed until the end. Ya….. no…. I kinda like to know what I’m eating. But Bob waited on opening his vegetarian menu laughing that there really wouldn’t be much weird surprises in that.

If earning a Michelin star is based on making animal parts not normally eaten to be edible, kind of, I guess that explains the star. The dishes were beautifully plated, but the texture and taste on many courses made it a stressful rather than enjoyable meal.

Starting off was the fun and whimsical amuse bouche

The online ‘menu’ gives nothing more than it is a 15 course tasting menu with available vegetarian and vegan versions. My goodness, I wish I had gone vegetarian that day and even more, I wish they’d given some hint as to what to except for carnivores as that would’ve helped me make a different decision.

I’ve eaten plenty of different food all over the world but I like to choose when I’m going to eat ‘creative’. Overall there were some successful dishes but it’s definitely not my cup of tea —- or Salt.

With my disappointment of getting organs and parts instead of prime meat – what I want to know is — who got to eat the filet mignon is instead of the heart, where’s the pork loin instead of the brains, and the chop instead of the neck?

We did love the bread and the juice pairings. The plating was incredibly creative on some of the dishes but worth a star? I don’t know….. you check it out and see!

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