Kampa Park – 1 Michelin *

The walk from our hotel, The Augustine, to the restaurant was pretty easy except for the immense crowds that we did not expect! The Charles bridge was so packed with people that we didn’t really want to spend time on it before dinner.

We opted to eat outside with a view of the Vitava River and Charles Bridge. And we had a beautiful view.

It was a little chilly but the restaurant not only had heaters at every table, they also had blankets for each guest. The temperatures were colder than normal and we definitely needed the blankets.

The menu was either tasting, or gratefully, finally, an ala carte option where we could decide what to eat! We were so happy for that! We ordered the avocado timbale which was so delicious we should have ordered one each! For mains, Bob selected the poached halibut with a potato mustard puree and I think I won the ‘fish war’ with my black cod, crunchy scallions and pea puree. I never thought I’d ‘like’ pea puree but Kampa Park changed my mind. And those crunchy scallions – I wish I could’ve taken home a bag of those for a snack. To finish off the meal we both had a chocolate soufflé.

Avocado timbale with tomato relish, coriander, jalapeños.
Olive oil poached halibut w/potato mustard purée and vegetable foam
Miso black cod with crispy scallions (those amazing crunchy things in the middle) and pea purée.
I don’t share my chocolate soufflés! EVER!

A beautiful dinner, excellent service, a scrumptious dessert and a glass of Graham’s 40 year port was all we needed to finish off a lovely first day in the Czech Republic.

Prague at sunset

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