Moss, Our Last Michelin in Iceland

Our last stop before heading to the USA is at the Blue Lagoon. It’s always nice to have a hot soak in the water and it’s also nice to get our last Michelin dinner in Iceland. There are three Michelin restaurants in Iceland and Barrett and I have been lucky enough to enjoy all three!

As in the other two restaurants, it’s a fixed menu.

Always fun with fancy displays such as our lamb

The dishes were beautifully plated as in my past visits and we enjoyed the meal.

The beetroot soup and tomato dish were so good, everyone on our side of the restaurant was hoping for seconds!

Menu changes from my last trip made me happy! Norwegian langoustine and crab. Can’t beat that!

In Iceland, if you aren’t eating cod, you’re eating lamb. I’m not crazy about lamb, and I don’t care how ‘mild’ I’m told it is — for me it tastes strong and I’m glad Barrett loves lamb because after I tried several bites, he devoured mine and his! Baaaa!

I love the creativeness of the dishes and the extraordinary plating. As in the past, the service was excellent. The coconut, lime, mango dessert was not only pretty but very yummy! I needed more! I highly recommend a visit to Moss if your ‘in the area.’

And the way you right the wrong of lamb is a good 30 year old Glenfiddich, neat of course. It fixes all lamb issues and frankly any other issues in life but I don’t have any other issues because I’ve spent an amazing three weeks with my son in Iceland – home of our people. In the morning, it’s time to catch a ride to the airport and return to the 118 degree California desert heat. I’ve loved being in 60 degree weather and no coat but all good things must come to an end.

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