Ox – Michelin * Reykjavik

Ox is designed as an old style “speakeasy.” We couldn’t find the front door at first and then realized the black and white graffiti was the entrance.

Upon ringing the doorbell, we were able to go through the small courtyard to the “living room.” Several other people arrived before us as we were surrounded by fellow Americans-which may or may not be a good thing – depending on their understanding of European dining etiquette. Two more join us and sit across from Barrett and I making 12 out of 16 diners from the US.

We quickly learn that the couple next to use are from Michigan, travel frequently and like us, they lament being in a restaurant with loud, rude and unaware Americans.

Dinner at Ox is a 20 course experience with a fixed tasting menu. The first 4 courses are served in the speakeasy enjoying them together with the four of us.

After that we were all moved into the dining area which resembled a kitchen with a large u-shaped dining counter.

Happily seated alongside the Michigan couple on one side, it was with a few cringes that the loudest American was seated to my left. And more cringing when the loudest man was seated 6 seats away from her as they yelled across to each other the entire experience – often refusing to stop their incessant chatter to listen to the chef. At one point the guy from Michigan leaned in and said, “just what we lamented- rude Americans.” Yup.

But the meal continued with an effort to ignore the noise- and focus on the chef and his two sous chefs.

The fresh salmon was smoked under the cloche until it was time to cut it up.

It took 4 hours from start to finish for the meal which can be a bit long. The chef and his staff did a great job explaining the dishes and trying to be personable. We really enjoyed the environment and meal and would return again. Our cost, including wine pairing (they also offer a non- alcoholic pairing) was $400 per person.

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