Moss, Blue Lagoon and The End

So sad, it’s ending soon

Alas, our last two days are here and it’s time to go have a good hot soak at the Blue Lagoon and a Michelin dinner at Moss. Before getting there though, we stop at one last museum.

Viking World Museum

The Viking World museum in Njarðvík, where a replica Viking ship that sailed the route to the America’s just as Leifur Eriksson (my grandpa!) used. The ship is named the Íslendingur and was built in 1996 by Gunnar Eggertsson, a shipwright from the Westman Islands.  How ironic! That’s where my grandma Mae’s family is from too! The museum is small but it had some interesting displays about excavations from nearby Hafnir and the settlement of Iceland.  For more information on the Viking World Museum, visit

Replica Viking Ship


Row, Row, Row your boat

Blue Lagoon – Once again

Blue Lagoon Entrance
Our Room at the Blue Lagoon Retreat Hotel

I like the Blue Lagoon even though it is quite commercialized. This trip, we stayed at the Blue Lagoon Retreat Hotel, which is better than the average Ritz Carlton for service, pleasant staff and the room. The room was beautiful. 

Prior to spending our five hours in the private lagoon retreat, we ate at Lava restaurant. I love eating there and, just because it’s my last chance, I chose the cod.

It’s peaceful and relaxing floating in the private retreat at the Blue Lagoon where, unlike the main lagoon area, there is a limit on how many people can be in the water. The in-water massages are unique and something to look forward to.

This is actually a very small crowd compared to my past experience.  Usually it’s at least three times as many people!

Barrett at the Blue Lagoon

The view of the private retreat lagoon from our room was beautiful. We had private access to the entire lagoon after 6pm at night and early in the morning.

Private Retreat

Michelin * Moss Restaurant

Tonight is our last dinner in Iceland and it is at the Michelin * Moss.  Moss is known for beautiful and show stopping plates.  I wouldn’t miss eating at Moss on my trips to Iceland. There’s a full post about our dinner at Moss in my ‘Eating Michelin’ link.

And a glass of Glenfiddich 30 year whiskey finishes off the night — and the trip!

Such a great trip!

It has been another great adventure in Iceland and while Greenland was a dud, we at least can say we’ve been there with no need to return. I am so glad I was able to spend the trip with Barrett as my travel partner. He is easy going and loves to eat at nice restaurants. We ate at all three Michelin * restaurants in Iceland! Tomorrow it’s time to fly home. I love Iceland!

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