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So the Michelin reviewers need to go back and revisit this one. At this time, while the food was good, service was not worthy of a Michelin *.

The plus sides were that the restaurant was clean and beautiful, the dishes were plated beautifully and the food was excellent.

The 2nd table that arrived specifically asked the server why there weren’t any Indian dishes on the menu which is part of the Michelin guide description, and it was at that point we learned the chef, who had earned the Michelin star, was no longer there. The server stated the restaurant had decided to change directions and lean more towards traditional Czech food. That wasn’t a problem for us but it would’ve been nice to know this as we too were looking forward to the original menus.

After the guests at the 2nd table discussed the changes and pointed out the menu out front was inconsistent, the staff quietly went out front and changed the posted menus to reflect this.

I could eat the stracciatella cheese with tomatoes, green peas and incredible basil ice-cream every single day. Bob loved it too and he doesn’t even like peas.

One difference from the tasting menu was instead of a fried farmers egg, we were served a delicious piece of fish.

Duck breast and confit, perfectly cooked and very tender. Not gamey at all which is important for me.

The wild boar ravioli was so very good!

This was one of the few restaurants in five countries that we visited that didn’t offer a non-alcoholic pairing. We’d become so accustomed to that being offered that we were disappointed.

When we arrived, there wasn’t anyone else there and over the course of two hours, only two more tables arrived. That, to me, speaks volumes as far as support, or lack thereof, by the locals. The service was so slow with the server disappearing for long stretches at a time. It just wasn’t the standard service we expect when paying Michelin prices for a Michelin meal.

I hope they sort out the service issues as it was a lovely meal food-wise.

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